The "BIG" Difference!

BIG Benefits is a trusted advisor that facilitates successful benefits strategies through each stage of the benefits cycle...

Why Choose BIG Benefits?

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, BIG Benefits is an industy expert and a valuable partner in helping businesses navigate the dynamic landscape of health reform and benefit compliance, analyze and manage claims utilization, and provide unique, targeted benefits strategies and tools that accomplish the goals of employers, benefits managers and employees.  A partnership with BIG Benefits is founded upon vision, execution, integrity, and accountability and leads to client satisfaction and loyalty.  Our goal is to become your trusted advisor and a partner to the success of your employee benefits.


"I think of insurance as being like a car.  The big things we can figure out but if the little things slip through the cracks it no longer runs properly, causing undo expense.  This is how our health plan was until I was introduced to BIG Benefits.  Our insurance plans were in dire need of service unbeknownst to me.  We now have reduced premiums while maintaining quality benefits and have a true, honest understanding of our plans and options.  I feel I'm in the hands of someone who is actually looking out for myself and our employees."

- A Smith, Controller, Recreational Vehicle Dealership